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The cheapest trip isn't necessarily the best travel option. Compare emissions and price.

Combining digital Multimodal Mobility on a long-range scale with Urban Mobility concepts.

Environmentally conscious Travel Booking App for global markets.

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BookSmart24 is an environmentally conscious travel booking App for global markets. Our proprietary flight and travel booking engines analyze the environmental impact of each trip and prioritize the most carbon-efficient option for easy selection. Duration and price are compared with the individual CO2 impact of each itinerary. Thus the best travel option between two points is offered, always prioritizing low CO2 impact schedules. The BookSmart24 SmartChoice is the best option for any trip: Lowest Emissions, Competitive Price, Comfortable Travel Duration.

BookSmart24 - why?

Travelers often have little information about the environmental impact of their travel choices and sustainable alternatives. Research conducted by different industry players reveals that travelers are receptive to processing information on the environmental footprint of their travel. Also, travelers are prepared to pay more for more sustainable trips. Consumers worldwide have a demand for better information on the environmental impact of different travel choices. BookSmart24 goes an important step to enable travelers to easily identify the most sustainable flight for any city pair and compare it with pricing and trip duration of alternative travel options.

BookSmart24 SmartChoice

While most travelers when shopping for flights or other travel modalities try to find the cheapest available travel option, there is more to it than just price. Often it is overseen that the cheapest itineraries result in uncomfortable routes with intermediate stops, airport changes and long layovers. And when, in addition to these, sustainability considerations are important, consumers have little or no way of intelligently navigating between the multitudes of available option BookSmart24 SmartChoice is the solution: The algorithms that evaluate the data to compare sustainability, price and travel duration are complex and process numerous parameters relating to the greenhouse gas emissions of the aircraft used, comparing them with those of other available travel options. SmartChoice prioritizes itineraries with the lowest CO2 impact while assuring that prices and trip duration remain within an average value as can be expected for the route in question. Many times travel bookers will find that two-digit % emissions savings are possible with only little (or no..) additional cost.

Multimodal Mobility

BookSmart24 will become the leading global site and an important reference for sustainable travel bookings. Digital Multimodal Mobility on a long-range scale will be combined with urban mobility concepts. This will enable users to create complete sustainable Door-to-Door itineraries worldwide.

Last but not least: Cheap Flights, low fares..

When you book domestic or international flights with BookSmart24, we will do our best to make sure that your airline tickets reflect the cheapest flight deals available with the most reputable carriers.