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Did you know cheaper flights often mean longer layovers and uncomfortable routes?

Our SmartCoice feature analyzes sustainability, price, and travel duration to prioritize low CO2 impact itineraries. For example, a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions on a London to Lisbon trip saves 60Kg of CO2 per passenger - that's enough to fill over 12,000 balloons!

Find options saving 30% or more in emissions with BookSmart24.


Revolutionizing Travel

Embark on a new era of sustainable travel with our innovative blend of train and plane schedules. By prioritizing eco-friendly options, BookSmart24 enables travelers to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying their journey.

The platform's unique SmartChoice feature analyzes various factors such as sustainability, price, and travel duration to recommend low CO2 impact itineraries. BookSmart24 helps you travel responsibly without compromising on affordability or convenience.